As a Huntsville bankruptcy lawyer, my goal here at the office is to help people on two levels:

  1. First, I want to help people clean up their debt on the front end by guiding them through the bankruptcy process and other debt solutions.
  2. I also want to help people clean up their credit on the back end, which we made easier by establishing a program a few years ago where people can take a credit counseling and rebuilding class.

The credit rebuilding class is not required by the court. It’s just something we offer when bankruptcy is over. It teaches you about credit, how credit works, and the steps that you can take to increase your credit score. You can take these classes through an online-based credit company called 720 Credit.

720 Credit is a fantastic company that has helped people regain their credit after the case is concluded. We’re proud to be partnered with them, and we’re proud to offer our clients this class, valued at $1,000, free of charge.

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