If a creditor has reached the point where, instead of waiting for you to repay your debts, they’re actually going in and taking money out of your paychecks (an action known as “wage garnishment”), then yes — bankruptcy can absolutely help with that.

Filing for bankruptcy is essentially the same as declaring a plan to settle your debts (and declaring that plan on a federal level). That means that once you’ve filed, creditors are no longer allowed to harass you or garnish your wages. If they continue to do so, you and your attorney can ask the federal judge to take action. The federal judge would then order the state judge to stop the lawsuit that was previously allowing that creditor to garnish your wages.

If you have further questions about wage garnishment, creditor harassment, or bankruptcy in general, you should schedule a consultation with a local bankruptcy attorney. I myself, as a Huntsville bankruptcy lawyer, would be happy to walk you through your options if you’re looking for debt solutions in northern Alabama.

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