The first thing to do if you have filed for bankruptcy is contact your lawyer and let them know what’s going on. From there, they can give you advice on how to best approach the situation.

For my own bankruptcy clients, what I often do is have them make sure the creditor knows they’ve filed bankruptcy because there’s a chance they may not have gotten notice. You can give them notice by giving them a call and providing them your name, case number, and your attorney’s name and contact information.

Hopefully after doing that, the collection activities will stop because an automatic stay will be in effect. “Automatic stay” simply means the creditors have to stay away from you. They can’t continue to call you or try to get in contact with you. If they do, they are violating a court order and may have to face some consequences. For example, there are occasions when a creditor is overreaching, and a federal judge will come in and sanction them for making certain types of collections activities.

If you are being harassed by a collections agency, give my firm a call. As a Huntsville bankruptcy attorney, I designed my firm to help individuals and families throughout northern Alabama find real solutions to their debt concerns. Best of all, we don’t charge you to come in for an informative consultation, which means you can get the answers you need without having to worry about adding another bill to your plate.

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